Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hangover Emergency Kits... just in time for the new year!

New Year's Eve is days away... and this project is quick, fun, easy and just in time to save the day!  There have been a few NYE celebrations where I don't want to get out of bed, ever again.  If only I had one of these totally awesome hangover kits awaiting me on my bedside table, everything would have looked a little bit brighter... ha ha.  So, the inspiration, give credit where credit is due, came from pinterest, one of my ahhh-mazing friends pinned the idea from Peony and Peartree

So here it is, one of the cutest hangover kits ever:

The Hangover Emergency Kit... a bit of energy... and the hair of the dog!

Here is what you'll need:

1. Pick your poison: I chose Cinco Vodka, it's made locally in San Antonio and the bottles are super cute. Get the little bottles so they fit in the bag
2. Mini Red Bull- 8.4 oz. can fits, & get sugar free of course
3. Bloody Mary Mix- I used mini cans of v8 or campbell's tomato juice
5. Pocket size pain killer's- I found aleve at the gas station. Zantac, Alka-Seltzers or whatever cure you like are also great to add!
6. Paper- 110 lb. card stock at least
7. Bags- I found some at Michael's, make sure they are large enough to hold everything and fit the label.
8. Scissors and/or a paper trimmer
9. Tape or Glue- I prefer the Elmer's Tape Runner- it's a strong adhesive
10. Stapler
11. Scissors

Step 1: Print.  Print the label, click here for the pdf file, or email me ( and I will send you a copy.  This is my first time to put a pdf file on blogger, and to use Google Drive and for some reason during the conversion process the pdf background became blocky instead of a faded color change.  My email pdf version is much better?

Step 2: Trim.  Trim the label.  I cut off the tops first, then cut it in half, and then the sides.  You don't want to cut the sides first because you will lose the halfway mark.

Step 3: Fill.  Fill the bag with goodies.  Make sure the labels are readable and not turned around backwards, you want people to see what it is :)

Step 4: Fold.  Pinch the ends of the bag together on each side.  Then fold the top down in half.

Step 5: Staple.  Staple each corner of the bag shut.

Step 6: Tape & Place.
Part I. Tape the back of the label, the one that reads: a bit of energy... and the hair of the dog.  Tape the label at the bottom only.  

Part II. Place the label on the bag- the backside of the bag.  The front should have the vodka showing.

Part III. Tape the front side of the label, the one that reads: The Hangover Emergency Kit.  Tape the top and bottom of the label this time.

Part IV. Place the label onto the front of the bag.  Make sure to match it up with the back of the label.

Part V.  Squeeze the top of the front and back of the labels together so they hold shut.

Step 6. Trim.  Trim up the edges if needed.

And VOILA, there you have it!  A quick, cute and easy hangover cure in a bag.


  1. You are too cute! I LOVE this! Love it! You are an awesome blogger!

    1. Thank you Patty! I love you and all of your support! xoxo